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Vision HDC Varioverse

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Vision HDC Varioverse
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(en) Many may think this innovation is so out of the world that it can’t even be true. Well, it is. We joined forces with Georgi and Stefan Chivarov, designers of the patented (EP 1993353) and genius Varioverse™ mechanism. It is the ultimate answer for a hard core fly reel. It has not only a big functional advantage over Anti-Reverse reels but is a giant step ahead of Direct-Drive reels. As a unique piece of engineering art the HDC reel has other benefits too. Even high-end Direct Drive reels can hardly compete with HDC in terms of lightness, minimum number of parts, no-tool disassembling and simple maintenance. It has a strong and great looking two tone hard anodizing. The disc brake consists of massive carbon fiber & stainless steel plates and all bearings and springs are from Japan and Europe. The HDC is available in three sizes; 7-9, 9-11 and 11-13. For more information visit Patented Varioverse mechanism Oversize stainless steel & graphite disc drag Pre-adjustable drag with handle controllable fighting drag Easy & quick spool change Easy & quick left / right hand retrieve conversion Lightweight European, (TFC) stainless steel wave spring European, (Schnorr) Inconel 718 dish springs Japanese one way clutch Two tone Hard Anodizing Protective neoprene reel pouch 3 sizes; 7/9, 9/11 and 11/13

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 VV79 Vision HDC Varioverse - #7/9, 94mm, 190g, WF8F+180m
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 VV911 Vision HDC Varioverse - #9/11, 107mm, 220g, WF11F+200m
Booked: 0 available -- despatch: 3-10 days
440,00 pcs
 VV1113 Vision HDC Varioverse - #11/13, 118mm, 300g, WF12F+280m
Booked: 0 available -- despatch: 3-10 days
440,00 pcs
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